Our Promise

Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and Evolution Editing will work with each client individually until the project is complete and the document is ready for submission. Once we agree on a quote, the work will be completed for most reasonably sized (<10,000 words) manuscripts in 7 days or less. An editing certificate will also be provided showing proof of content editing by our professional editing services. This certificate can then be provided to the publishing company showing proof of professional editing completion. However, publication is not guaranteed, and Evolution Editing will not be held accountable for rejection of any submission as it is beyond the scope of the offering.

Clients and Subject Areas

Evolution Editing specializes in editing manuscripts/documents by foreign authors with at least a moderate level of English writing ability (we are not a translation service) as well as native English-speaking academics. We excel at polishing problematic phrasing and terminology for these authors so that their work can be easily read by reviewers and publishers, which will permit them to focus their attention on the content. We also work with native English writers who wish to improve their work and reduce wordiness and improve grammar, phrasing, and formatting.


Evolution Editing works in a wide range of subject areas including (but not limited to):


Product Design, Life Sciences, Environmental Science, Molecular Biology, Conservation Biology, Agriculture and Biological Science, Food Science, Immunology, Medical Sciences, Dentistry, Virology, Aquaculture, Public Health, Hydrology, Water Resources, Biotechnology, Genomics, Ecology, Evolution, Anatomy, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Cardiology, Psychology, Orthopedics, Surgery, Chemistry, Engineering, History, Finance, Tourism and Hospitality, and Business


Terms of Service

Payment of 50% of the total quoted fee is expected upon agreement of the quote and before work is initiated. After completion, the remaining 50% is expected within 14 business days. Payment can be made through credit card, Paypal, or directly through bank transfer or using Transferwise. Clients can/will be invoiced directly and a receipt of services is available upon request.


Request A Quote

Please provide the following:


  1. A brief description of the service request (e.g., language editing, proofreading, copy editing, other)

  2. Attach a sample of the manuscript or an abstract of the manuscript (Microsoft WORD format)

  3. The total word count

  4. Preference for British English (e.g., centre, behaviour, and analyse)
    or American English (e.g., center, behavior, and analyze)

  5. The required deadline for completion (typically 3-7 days)

  6. The intended journal for submission if you would like the
    references formatted


•   Language Editing

•   Copy Editing 

•   Scientific Editing

•   Proofreading

•   Formatting

•   Peer Review